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o hold lectures, deliver popular science books and hold exhibitions▓. China proposes greater co-op with U.S. in educati▓on, science, technologyWASHINGTON, April 17 (Xinhua)▓ -- Visiting Chinese State Councilor Liu Yandong has ▓put forward a series of proposals

designed to furthe▓r strengthen exchanges and cooperation between China and▓ t

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nd technology. Liu

, who arrived here from New York on Monday to continue her official visit to the U.S., met separately in the p▓ast th

ree days with Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, S▓ecretary of

Energy Steven Chu, Secretary of Agriculture T▓om Vilsack as well as some other

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prominent figures in U.S. education,

science and technolo

gy. During these meetings, Liu had an in-depth exchange of views with her hosts on how to further strengthen inter-e

xchanges and cooperation in the fields of education, science a

nd technol▓ogy between the two countries. State Councilor Liu said tha▓t both

science books, sci entific apparatus, and small-sized solar energy equipment wo rth 150,000 yuan R MB to Rutok Co unty in we stern Tibet. 銆€ 銆€In ad dition, the depart ment also held practical techn ique training cour ses for the local people and d istributed to them bilingual brochures on scie nce and techno logy in both Han and Tibetan 阳原县5G 汉源县5G 泽州县wap 南川市wap 西盟佤族自治县5G 大石桥市wap 黄骅市wap 会泽县5G 阳东县5G 罗平县5G 新蔡县wap 蓟县5G 蚌埠市wap 鲁甸县5G 芦溪县wap 图们市5G 霞浦县5G 宁武县5G 黑河市5G 阳信县wap 传奇私服random详解 传奇私服1.85火龙版本 传奇私服打金贴吧 传奇私服暗黑版本网站 传奇私服人气服 传奇私服补丁放哪 手游传奇私服手机版 武易传奇私服手游 合击版传奇私服外挂 今日传奇私服开服时间表